Short Course  /  22. April 2020  -  23. April 2020

Short Course on Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing 2020


·         Recycle and quality issues
·         Standards for AM Powders
·         Hoppers for storage and discharge
·         Flow patterns, principles of reliable flow
·         Powder flow properties
·         Characterisation and control of powder properties
·         Powder flow measurements
·         Density measurements and particle morphology
·         Basic overview of powder evolution and quality loss
·         Control of flow properties
·         Segregation in processes
·         Particle aggregation
·         Powder electrostatics
·         Particle degradation


Why should you attend?
If you work in powder-based AM processing you will find this course to be invaluable as you are guided through the critical aspects of powder handling and management.
You do not need any previous formal training to attend, you just need to work in this relatively new field of processing.
It will also be extremely useful if you are about to change career direction to AM processing.


This same course is also being held by the Wolfson center of Greenwich University and Fraunhofer IFAM Institute from Bremen, on 15 - 16 July 2020, at CARPENTER Additive in Widnes UK. To register for this course please visit this website and book directly.