Metal Foam (in cooperation with ALANTUM)

Manufacturing Process

Coating process ALANTUM foams
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Industrial coating process
Scheme of process metal foam ALANTUM
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Scheme of sintering & alloying process
  • Patented technology was devoleped at Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden
  • Technology transfer for commercializing to company Alantum (large scale production established)
Manufacturing process ALANTUM technique
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Manufacturing process doctor blade technique
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  • Starting material: industrially produced metal foam (galvanic coating of pure nickel on a PU support foam structure)
  • different options possible:
    • alloying the complete foam struts (Alantum sprinkling technique)
    • porous powder bed - foam composite (doctor blade technique)
    • wet powder spraying
  • Adjustable thickness, area density, pore size & porosity
  • Machinability (cutting, bending etc.)
  • Suitable for mass production

Manufacturing Process – varying coating technologies

Various coating technologies
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Various coating technologies


  • Materials:
    Ni, Co, Cu, Fe, Ag, Inconel, Mondel, Nial, CoAl, Raney Ni, NiCrAl, FeNiCrAl, FeCrAl, NiMn, NiMo, NiFe, CuMn (other materials on request)
  • Porosity range:
    95 % max I Pore size range: 450…3000 µm
  • Sheet dimensions:
    max. 400 mm x 400 mm, thickness from 1.6 up to 3 mm (other dimensions on request)
Specifications metal foams ALANTUM
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Application examples

  • Excellent oxidation & corrosion resistance at high temperatures (→ HighTemp Foam)
  • Tailored mechanical properties & thermal stability
  • Tailored electrical, electrochemical & thermal properties
  • Tailored specific surface area (high strut surface roughness)
  • Tailored chemical composition
  • Tailored pore size & porosity, gradation within the metal foam feasible
  • Tailored density & pressure drop
  • Lightly formable in green state, but fixed in sintering state
  • Industrially implemented manufacturing process