Berlin  /  September 20, 2022  -  September 23, 2022

InnoTrans 2022

International Trade Fair For Transport Technology

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Hall 23 / Booth 240

Fraunhofer IFAM present its portfolio in Adhesive Bonding Technology - Surface Technology - Automation - Production Technology - Personnel Qualification - Certifications:

Fraunhofer IFAM is one of Europe's most important independent research institutes in the fields of adhesive bonding technology, surface technology, shaping, and functional materials. The focus is on research and development work with the aim of providing our customers with reliable and application-oriented solutions. Products and technologies primarily address industries of particular importance for future viability: rail transport, automotive, aviation, energy technology, maritime technologies as well as medical technology and life sciences.

Adhesive bonding technology in the transport industry

Fraunhofer IFAM has extensive know-how in adhesive bonding technology, ranging from the design and optimization of bonded joints to the manufacture and practical implementation of bonding processes. The institute has decades of expertise and has been working closely with the transport industry for many years to develop innovative adhesive bonding solutions. The focus is always on the reliability and long-term stability of bonded joints.

Automated large structure assembly

In order to combine efficiency, sustainability, and ergonomic workplace design in large-scale structure assembly, Fraunhofer IFAM in Stade is developing mutually compatible technology modules which can be combined in a modular way to form partially or fully automated assembly solutions including logistics, robotics, measuring, positioning, machining, and joining technologies. The focus is on flexibility and ease of operation as well as consistent digital data flow in the sense of "plug-and-produce". The R&D activities focus on large components made of lightweight materials on a 1:1 scale, for which the entire process chain up to the fully assembled large structure can be designed after the initial forming, including simulation and production logistics.

Service Robotics

A steadily growing proportion of R&D activities includes the development of assistance systems with comparable requirements. The modular system components thus enable technology transfer to other areas such as service robotics. The development of an autonomously navigating cleaning and disinfection robot for use in public transport is representative of this.

The service robot can not only be seen live in action at the Fraunhofer booth (Hall 23 l Booth 240), but also inside the “IdeasTrain” of Hamburg S-Bahn l Deutsche Bahn (outdoor area T11 l 60).

More information: World Innovation Guide l InnoTrans 2022 l Page 158

Training of specialists in adhesive bonding technology and fiber composite technology

The Training Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology at Fraunhofer IFAM offers internationally recognized certification courses for European Adhesive Bonder (EAB), European Adhesive Specialist (EAS), and European Adhesive Engineer (EAE). The Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology offers courses to become an FRP Manufacturer, FRP Specialist, and FRP Remanufacturer, as well as the modular advanced training course to become a Composite Engineer. 

Certification of adhesive bonding processes

Like all industrial manufacturing processes, adhesive bonding technology is also subject to high quality standards. These are described in standards such as DIN 2304 "Adhesive bonding technology - Quality requirements for bonding processes" and, specifically for the rail vehicle sector, in DIN 6701 "Adhesive bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts". The transfer of DIN 6701 to the European standard EN 17460 is planned for 2022.

Fraunhofer IFAM cooperates with TBBCert as an independent certification body. TBBCert is available as a partner for the certification of adhesive bonding processes based on the standards mentioned. TBBCert is officially approved by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) to perform the required audits according to DIN 6701 - and in the future also according to EN 17460.