Application Technology: Nozzles

Adhesive Application Adapted to Specific Components and Processes

Automatisierter Klebstoffauftrag
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Automated adhesive application.

The application of adhesives often needs nozzles which are tailored to the respective application. The required size of the adhesive bead depends on the geometry of the substrates which are to be joined and the desired gap size. A particular challenge here is the bonding of large components or 3D curved structures.

In order to effectively apply an adhesive bead, a suitable nozzle is required. Commercially available nozzles for adhesive application are standard products that often do not allow optimum adhesive application.



Fraunhofer IFAM specialists in Adhesive Bonding Technology develop and qualify customized nozzles adapted to a specific adhesive system and the required bead shape. The development of nozzles involves simulation of the relevant nozzle shape using computational fluid dynamics.

Fraunhofer IFAM has already patented several nozzle concepts (e. g. elongate nozzle DE102008026147A1).