Development of Adhesive Bonding Processes

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Adhesive bonding technology – process chain.

The design of an adhesive bonding process is very important because the design guarantees verifiable and constant quality of the bonded joints. The production process thus has special significance for adhesive bonding. The scale-up of manual production to semi-automated or fully automated production requires a sound knowledge of dosing systems, mixers, and suitable nozzles as well as the interfaces to downstream processes.



Fraunhofer IFAM specialists develop and construct tailored prototype production and series production lines involving adhesive bonding. These lines demonstrate to customers how their production could be in the future. Fraunhofer IFAM can also provide detailed analysis of bonding processes. The analysis can be either on existing bonding processes or on future production processes. Fraunhofer IFAM focuses here on the needs of the customer. These requirements are defined beforehand in a detailed list of specifications.