Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance for Adhesive Bonding Processes

According to DIN EN ISO 9000, adhesive bonding is a "special process", namely a process of which the result cannot be fully tested by means of non-destructive testing. In addition to a general quality management system, a technology-specific supplement for bonding processes is required.

In order to produce high-quality adhesive bonded joints, all the process steps must be carried out with care, adequately monitored, and subsequently documented. The process starts with the design of adhesive bonded joints, and leads to an end-product. When introducing a technology-oriented quality assurance concept for bonding processes, it is helpful to use a set of regulations, such as the DVS® 3310 guideline "Quality assurance in adhesive bonding technology".

Each bonding process is different, particularly when implemented in the production phase. The manual production of small numbers of large components has different boundary conditions to highly automated robot-aided production.



The Fraunhofer IFAM specialists counsel and assist customers during the development and introduction of specific quality assurance measures for the individual process steps – and customized to the specific quality requirements. For comprehensive adhesive bonding support, they also carry out on-site process analysis at customers' production facilities.