Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Development of fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs) and their matrix resins

Klebstoff-Schnellhärtung durch Induktion
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Rapid adhesive curing by induction

In order to actually utilize the potential of fiber reinforced plastics, a holistic approach is required covering the molecular level, production processes, and the components. The chemistry of the materials plays a key role here. Significant improvements can only be achieved by adapting the matrix resins and fibers, namely the primary materials, to give improved production processes and component properties.



Key activities


  • Improvement of the toughness of resin systems, for example, with nanoparticles
  • “Organic sheets” which combine the advantages of thermoplastic and thermoset matrices
  • Rapid curing and materials for autoclave-free processes
  • Fiber-matrix adhesion
  • Adhesive bonding of fiber reinforced plastics

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