Raw Material Development

Novel raw materials

Reaktor für chemische Synthesen
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Reactor for chemical syntheses.

When developing new adhesives or coating materials, the first step is to check whether the required specifications can be achieved using standard commercial materials. If not, we develop new application-specific raw materials. This concerns, for example, novel polymers for improving the toughness, fire retardants, and functionalized fillers. Collaboration with raw material manufacturers often involves the development of starting point formulations based on new raw materials.

For the development of new additives – such as catalysts for accelerated curing, functionalized pigments, or indicators for monitoring the progress of curing, the adhesive properties can be significantly improved using just small quantities of additives. This enables our customers to differentiate their products from competitor products.

When selecting the active agents and synthesis routes attention is already put on the feasibility of subsequent industrial production. This includes consideration of the prospective quantity of the raw material, the complexity of the production, and an initial toxicological evaluation. We are able to synthesize small pilot quantities and make these available for your own trials.


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