Equipment: Small Pilot Plant Facilities/Material Processing

Small Pilot Plant Facilities/Material Processing

  • Hall for large structure assembly, 80 × 50 m², two 20 tonne cranes, 15 m height under crane hooks
  • Laser-tracker for 3D measurements, range 80 m
  • Laser-radar for 3D measurement of components, range 30 m
  • Combined laser-scanner and laser-tracker for 3D measurement of components of length up to 30 m
  • Modular 3D waterjet cutting plant, 6000 bar, with laser positioning and drilling unit for components of up to 3 m length, 2 m width, and 0.5 m height
  • Test stand for machining FRP components of up to 13 m length and 6 m diameter using several robots simultaneously and for the development of effective process monitoring and efficient dust extraction; it comprises 3 calibrated 6-axis robots (Stäubli, ABB, KuKa) on 6 m linear axis and a stationary robot station
  • Modular flexible assembly plant for large CFRP structures with 2 calibrated 6-axis robots on 15 m linear axis and automated tool change
  • Test stand for regulating the shape and position of large components; it comprises 6 industrial robots with parallel kinematics and a precisely calibrated 6-axis robot on a 4 m linear axis
  • 6 axis industrial robot, 125 kg bearing load, on additional linear axis, 3000 mm