Application Technology/Process Engineering

Lackapplikation in einer Lackierkabine unter kontrollierten klimatischen Bedingungen
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Coating application in a climate controlled paint booth.

There is a continuous need for ever more advanced technologies for coating companies. Currently there is less emphasis on investment in completely new plants and greater emphasis on the optimization of existing plants and processes.

Key objectives of application technology and process engineering are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Greater processing flexibility – in order to also be able to coat smaller batch sizes economically
  • Enhanced process reliability – and as previously
  • Lower emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


The Paint/Lacquer Technology experts assist pre-treatment specialists and plant manufacturers with the optimization of their application technology and process engineering, not only by giving advice but also by carrying out practical tests in the pilot plant at Fraunhofer IFAM. This work includes the development of surface treatment methods, technologies for processing raw materials, and coating technologies.

The development of application-oriented tests for paints, lacquers, and coatings is also a key area of work. Other important activities are the testing and simulation of the long-term stability of coatings, the development of new concepts for corrosion protection, and benchmark tests for all stages of coating and surface treatment procedures and for defective coatings. This includes identifying the causes of faults, finding solutions for the coating processes, and contract-R&D in the area of surface-related tests.



Paint/Lacquer Application, Coating Technology


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