Erosion-resistant and Tribological Surfaces

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Impact of a particle on a surface
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Erosion resistant elastomeric coating

Exterior surfaces are exposed to a variety of external stresses such as rain and particles e.g. sand. These stresses can lead to abrasion of the uppermost layers of a component, and hence to erosion. Surfaces are also exposed to frictional stress from solids, liquids, and gases (tribological stress).

Concepts for protective layers

In order to prolong the service life of components, the Paint/Lacquer Technology experts at Fraunhofer IFAM develop erosion-resistant and tribological surfaces having customized properties for, e.g., cars, aircraft, and wind turbines. This may involve, for example, the incorporation of inorganic or organic nanoparticles into existing formulations or the development of new coatings using highly elastic polymers.


The Paint/Lacquer Technology scientists at Fraunhofer IFAM also carry out tests for erosion resistance and friction resistance. Once customized coatings have been developed it is essential to test and analyze the new systems. Our test facilities include:

  • Taber abraser test
  • Water jet test and sand blast test
  • Impact test
  • Instrumental analytical characterization of coatings
  • Damage pattern analysis