Powder Coatings

Powder coatings are well-established in many industries, for example for furniture, bicycle frames, and white goods. The ability to apply these without a solvent mean that powder coatings are an effective and eco-friendly alternative to liquid coating systems. The implementation of recycling concepts, namely the feeding back of non-used powder to the coating process, means that such coating systems and processes are sustainable and efficient.

Compared with liquid coating systems, the range of raw materials that can be used for powder coatings is still relatively small. We are actively undertaking R&D work on new raw materials for powder coatings. The aim is to open up new application areas for powder coating systems.


The Paint/Lacquer Technology experts at Fraunhofer IFAM provide services relating to the manufacture and application of new powder coatings and their testing and qualification. This work is undertaken in direct collaboration with the relevant industrial partners.