Testing of Raw Materials, Guide Formulations

New raw materials for coatings

There is nowadays a huge demand for new raw materials in order to further expand the range of uses of coatings. However, the introduction of new raw materials often encounters numerous hurdles in industry that must be overcome. If a product has potential as a new raw material for a coating, it must achieve successful results in a wide variety of tests and studies in order to gain acceptance in the marketplace. In the initial phase of using a new raw material there is the issue of correct handling and application. Incorrect procedures can lead to early disqualification of materials.

Good knowledge of the relevant application area, the requirements of the coating, and the standard manufacturing, processing, and application procedures is essential.  

Testing of raw materials and guide formulations

The Paint/Lacquer Technology experts at Fraunhofer IFAM test raw materials for their suitability for coatings. These raw materials are formulated into guide formulations for selected applications and tested for relevant industrial customers. Fraunhofer IFAM specialists in this area directly supervise the manufacture and application of new coatings on customers' premises and provide assistance with advice, analysis, market research, and the identification of suitable guide formulations (namely model coating formulations for specific uses), so demonstrating the potential of the new raw materials for specific applications.