Pilot Plant Construction

Process Transfer via Pilot Plant Construction

Vom Entwurf zum Prototypen einer Pilotanlage
© Fraunhofer IFAM
From the first design to the prototype of a pilot plant
Prototypenanlage in Reinraum
© Fraunhofer IFAM
Pilot plant in a clean room

Low pressure (LP) plasma processes provide customized high-quality system solutions for the surface treatment of specific products. For economically viable and optimized use, these processes require plant technology adapted to the specific component and to the production boundary conditions of the customer. The scientists of Plasma Technology and Surface PLATO at Fraunhofer IFAM not only develop customized and reproducible processes but offer these on specific pilot plants – this means that the processes can be optimally transferred to the customer's production.


  • Development of customized LP plasma processes in collaboration with the customer
  • Conception and construction of low pressure plasma pilot plants, up to a size of several cubic meters
  • Installation of the plasma process in the pilot plant
  • Development, construction and testing of product-specific electrode systems
  • Consultancy regarding the drawing up quality assurance concepts
  • Process reproducibility, for example, using automated service tools for monitoring and setting test equipment
  • Development work for integrating processes into existing production lines and for full automation


  • Features of low pressure plasma plants are their low operating costs and long service life – providing the basis for an economic plant.
  • There are normally no special requirements regarding safety and workplace protection.
  • The recording of all relevant process control parameters means there is quality-assured production.Charakteristisch für Niederdruck-Plasmaanlagen sind ihre geringen Betriebskosten und ihre Langlebigkeit – die Basis für die Wirtschaftlichkeit der Anlage.