Nondestructive Monitoring of the Quality of Hybrid Castings

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Aluminum FRP joint produced by low-pressure die casting.

Light construction is increasingly making use of trend-setting hybrid designs comprising fiber composite materials and light metals, thus combining the advantages offered by both materials in a hybrid material. In the current state of technology, such connections are either glued or riveted. However, over the last few years Fraunhofer IFAM has been developing a novel joining technology for various hybrid connection types formed using high-pressure die casting, even as far as series-readiness. Now, with the aim of the safe use of such hybrid components, three institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are
working together to research test concepts for industrial series production.

The combination of high-pressure alloys and fiber materials or wires opens up new possibilities for components in light construction. There is increasing demand for such components for applications in various fields – particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries. However, so far, no process has been developed that would enable the nondestructive monitoring of the quality of such hybrid components, a requirement for industrial use. Therefore, within the scope of the project “HyQualty – Hybrid Production with Standardized Quality Assurance” the Fraunhofer Institutes IIS/EZRT, IZFP, and IFAM are contributing their respective competencies in order to develop appropriate methods to this end.

The aim hereby is to develop production-integrated and nondestructive inline testing methods that allow various types of defects in hybrid components to become visible and thus examinable.