Our Offer

Do You Require a Specific Solution?

Please approach us for the implementation of your ideas on product design and functional integration. Powder technology offers numerous cutting-edge possibilities to help develop your product and produce it cost-effectively.

We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists working in fundamental research as well as under industrial production conditions. We develop ideas and concepts for the manufacturing of your parts and components – everything, of course, strictly confidential.


The range of services we offer in powder technology includes:

  • Developing new parts and processes with powder technological solutions
  • Developing parts that feature special combinations of properties and functions
  • Process simulation and thermodynamic calculations
  • Benchmarking powder metallurgical processes
  • Technical and economic studies on parts for new products
  • Developing production concepts
  • Optimizing processes and enhancing process stability
  • Pilot series, technology transfer and staff training
  • Individualized and independent consulting and training