Publications 2019

C. I. Bernäcker, T. Rauscher, T. Büttner, B. Kieback, L. Röntzsch
A Powder Metallurgy Route to Produce Raney-Nickel Electrodes for AlkalineWater Electrolysis
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 166 (6), 2019, F357-F363

J. Cintas, R. Astacio, F. G. Cuevas, J. M. Montes, T. Weissgaerber, M.Á. Lagos, Y. Torres, J. M. Gallardo
Production of Ultrafine Grained Hardmetals by Electrical Resistance Sintering
Metals 9 (2), 2019, 159-168

J. B. Descarrega, M. Calviani, T. Hutsch, E. López Sola, A. T. Pérez Fontenla, A. Perillo Marcone, S. Sgobba, T. Weißgärber
Application of Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) technology to diffusion bond refractory metals for proton beam targets and absorbers at CERN
Material Design & Processing Communications, 2019, c101

M. Durovic, J. Hnát, C. I. Bernäcker, T. Rauscher, L. Röntzsch, M. Paidar, K. Bouzek
Nanocrystalline Fe60Co20Si10B10 as a cathode catalyst for alkaline water electrolysis: Impact of surface activation
Electrochemica Acta 306, 688-697, 2019

J. M. Gallardo, I. Agote, R. Astacio, T. Schubert, J. Cintas, J. M. Montes, Y. Torres, F. G. Cuevas
Hard metal production by ERS: Processing parameter roles in final properties
Metals 9(2), 2019, 172

C. Heintze, I. Hilger, F. Bergner, T. Weißgärber, B. Kieback
Nanoindentation of single- (Fe) and dual-beam (Fe and He) ionirradiated ODS Fe-14Cr-based alloys: Effect of the initial microstructure on irradiation-induced hardening
Journal of Nuclear Materials 518, 2019, 1-10

I. Konyashin, H. Hinners, B. Ries, A. Kirchner, B. Klöden, B. Kieback, R.W.N. Nilen, D. Sidorenko
Additive manufacturing of WC-13%Co by selective electron beam melting: Achievements and challenges
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, Vol. 84, 2019, 105028

J. M. Montes, F. J. de la Viña, Í. Agote, T. Schubert, F. G. Cuevas, Y. Torres, J. M. Gallardo, J. Cintas
Simulation of the Electrical Resistance Sintering of Hardmetal Powders
Metals and Materials International, 2019, 1-13, ISSN 1598-9623

U. Mühle, M. Löffler, T. Schubert, T.E.M. Staab, R. Krause-Rehberg, B. Kieback
Optimization of the FIB Preparation on Polycrystalline Al Materials through the Orientation Determination by EBSD / Optimierung der FIB-Präparation an vielkristallinen Al-Werkstoffen durch Orientierungsbestimmung mittels EBSD
Practical Metallographie 56, 2019, 22-33

T. Rauscher, C.I. Bernäcker, U. Mühle, B. Kieback, L. Röntzsch
The effect of Fe as constituent in Ni-base alloys on the oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline solutions at high current densities
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 44, Issue 13, 2019, 6392-6402

T. Rauscher, C.I. Bernäcker, S. Loos, M. Vogt, B. Kieback, L. Röntzsch
Spark-plasma-sintered porous electrodes for efficient oxygen evolution in alkaline water electrolysis
Electrochimica Acta 317, 2019, 128-138

S. Vock, B. Klöden, A. Kirchner, T. Weißgärber, B. Kieback
Powder for powder bed fusion: a review
Progress in Addtitive Manufacturing, 2019, 1-15