An overview of our offer

In addition to the use of our comprehensive analytics to satisfy your individual query, we offer consultation and support in all aspects of material development and validation in the field of electrical energy storage:

  • Material and process development from the powder to the cell
  • Manufacture and testing of battery cells with customized materials and formats
  • Battery and aging tests for all sizes and types at the cell and module levels (up to 6 V or 50 V) as well as for large-scale batteries (up to 1000 V)
  • Battery monitoring, aging, lifetime, and safety
  • Scientific project support, studies, and expertise
  • Workshops in technical further education
  • Inquiries, evaluations, and consultations on all queries regarding batteries

We are an interdisciplinary team comprising scientists and engineers who are eager to support you in the implementation of new ideas and concepts for your products. Complete confidence is hereby assured and self-evident. Upon request, we can additionally involve the expertise of other partners from the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance.