Rapid Solidification

Rapid Solidification

© Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden
Total view of melt spinning facility with periphery at Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden
© Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden
Flexible crucible system with small crucible and rotating cooling wheel
© Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden
Flexible crucible system with big crucible and rotating cooling wheel


In the melt spinning (MS) or planar flow casting (PFC) process a molten metal passes a nozzle and immediately touches the water cooled rotating Cu wheel. Ultrafine grained or amorphous material of metals and alloys can be manufactured by a rapid solidification (RS) device. Such ribbons or flakes have thicknesses of less than 100 µm.

Melt Spinner

  • Cooling wheel    -  Cu alloy
        -  Ø 300 mm x 80 mm
        -  3,000 min-1
  • Inductive heating (40 kHz)    -  2 crucibles  
           (10 – 20 cm³; up to 1,000 cm³)
        -  up to 1,700 °C
  • Atmosphere    air, gas and vacuum in the recipient
  • ribbon width up to 20 mm

Application potential (examples)

  • Advanced alloys of aluminium and magnesium
  • Catalizer materials
  • Braze materials
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Materials for hydrogen storage

Service offer

  • Application-oriented development of rapidly solidified alloys
  • Characterisation and analysis of material properties
  • Utilisation of RS materials for demonstration and prototypes