Polymeric Materials

The importance of polymeric and polymer-modified materials has continued to increase in recent years due to their variable and unique properties and the potential to conserve resources. Novel polymer materials open up technically interesting perspectives and represent an important research focus in the areas of bonding, paint and lacquer technology, and composites at Fraunhofer IFAM. In addition to petrochemical-based materials, the focus is increasingly on renewable raw materials which are specifically modified for technical applications. The spectrum of expertise ranges from material development to processing, formulation, material and component characterization, and approaches to repair, recycling, and material circularity for plastics and composites, covering the entire value chain from molecule to component.


Research objectives in the area of polymer materials


  • Development of polymers as raw materials for adhesives, coatings and matrix resins
  • Formulation and qualification of adhesives, coatings, potting resins and matrix resins for fiber reinforced polymers (FRP)
  • Processing of reactive systems to form thermosetting, elastomeric and thermoplastic polymers
  • Spectroscopic analysis methods for control of reaction processes and material characterization
  • Thermal analysis and rheology for characterization of polymeric materials
  • Polymers based on renewable raw materials and controlled (bio-)degradable plastics
  • Development of switchable, multifunctional polymers
  • Manufacturing, mixing and application processes
  • Material characterization to determine material properties
  • Prediction of functional and service life
  • Material- and application-oriented dimensioning of bonded joints and components
  • Manufacturing of prototypical components and structures
  • Machining technology (milling, drilling)
  • Quality assurance and technology transfer


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Processing and formulation of polymeric materials


Functional polymeric materials


Verification of function and service life


Quality assurance and further training