Institute Management

Prof. Dr. Bernd Mayer

Institute Director


Phone +49 421 2246-419

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weißgärber

Director, Dresden Branch, Powder Metallurgy and Composite Materials


Phone +49 351 2537-300  

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Hartwig

Deputy Institute Director Adhesive Bonding Technology and Surfaces


Phone +49 421 2246-470

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Dr. Volker Zöllmer

Deputy Institute Director Shaping and Functional Materials


Phone +49 421 2246-114

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Division Management

Dr. Katharina Koschek

Head of Division Adhesive Bonding and Polymeric Materials


Phone +49 421 2246-698

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Dr. Dirk Niermann

Head of Division Automation and Production Technology


Phone +49 4141 78707-101

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Dr. Ralph Wilken

Head of Division Surface Technology


Phone +49 421 2246-448

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Dr. Volker Zöllmer

Head of Division Shaping and Functional Materials


Phone +49 421 2246-114

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Business Units

Dr. Kai Borcherding

Head of Business Unit Medical Technology and Life Sciences


Phone +49 421 2246-678

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Dr. Simon M. Kothe

Head of Department Business Development and Head of Business Unit Aviation


Phone +49 421 2246-582

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Dr. Florian Sayer

Head of Business Unit Energy


Phone +49 421 2246-640

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Dr. Hanno Schnars

Head of Business Unit Maritime Technologies


Phone +49 421 2246-7376

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Dipl.-Ing. Franz-Josef Wöstmann MBA

Head of Business Unit Automotive


Phone +49 421 2246-225

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Research and Development

Dr.-Ing. Olaf Andersen

Head of Department Cellular Metallic Materials and Components


Phone +49 351 2537-319

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Christian Böhlmann M.Eng.

Head of Department Integrated Production Systems


Phone +49 4141 78707-262

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Dipl.-Phys. Kai Brune

Head of Department Quality Assurance and Cyber-Physical Systems


Phone +49 421 2246-459

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M. Sc. Jonas Deitschun

Head of Department Smart Systems (acting)


Phone +49 421 2246-239

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Dr. Stefan Dieckhoff

Head of Department Adhesion and Interface Research


Phone +49 421 2246-469

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Dr. Holger Fricke

Head of Department Adhesive Bonding Technology


Phone +49 421 2246-637

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Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Gensicke

Head of Department Administration and Operations Management


Phone +49 4141 78707-221

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß

Head of Department Workforce Qualification and Technology Transfer


Phone +49 421 2246-437

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Dr.-Ing. Katharina Haag

Head of Department Polymeric Materials and Mechanical Engineering (acting)


Phone +49 421 2246-7643

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Hartwig

Head of Department Adhesives and Polymer Chemistry


Phone +49 421 2246-470

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Dr. Sebastian Boris Hein

Head of Department Powder Technology


Phone +49 421 2246-261

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Dr.-Ing. Felix Heubner

Head of Department Hydrogen Technology 


Phone +49 351 2537-570

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Dipl.-Ing. Felix Horch

Head of Department Sustainable Energy Systems


Phone +49 421 2246-171

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Dr. Jörg Ihde

Head of Department Plasma Technology and Surfaces


Phone +49 421 2246-427

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Dr.-Ing. Inge Lindemann-Geipel

Head of Department Powder Metallurgy (provisional)


Phone +49 351 2537-324

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Dr.-Ing. Stefan Lösch

Head of Department Research Data


Phone +49 421 2246-202

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Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Christoph Pille

Head of Department Casting Technology and Lightweight Construction


Phone +49 421 2246-227

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Dipl.-Ing. Björn Reichel

Head of Department Assembly Technologies


Phone +49 4141 78707-207

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Dipl.-Ing. Urs Roemer

Head of Department Joining Technologies


Phone +49 4141 78707-226

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Dr.-Ing. Julian Schwenzel

Head of Department Electrical Energy Storage


Phone +49 421 2246-137

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Dr. Volkmar Stenzel

Head of Department Paint and Lacquer Technology


Phone +49 421 2246-407

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Dipl.-Ing. Gunnar Walther

Head of Department Powder Metallurgy


Phone +49 351 2537-340

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Dr. Dr. Chongliang Zhong

Head of Department Additive Manufacturing


Phone +49 351 2537 384

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Sonja Böske da Costa

Head of Corporate Communications


Phone +49 421 2246-252

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Katja Böttger

Head of Administration (Dresden)


Phone +49 351 2537-306

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Oliver Dreher

Head of Administration


Phone +49 421 2246-333

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