Precise and versatile processes

High precision with modular system components

Fast, quality-assured processes are essential for series production. Fraunhofer IFAM offers automation solutions which detect both components and tolerances, even in very large lightweight structures with low dimensional accuracy, and adjust to them individually and with high precision. Under the motto "Precision through metrology and sensor technology instead of heavy steel construction", Fraunhofer IFAM places particular emphasis on lightweight, mobile and modularly combinable system components which can be linked via Industry 4.0 architectures to form highly adaptable production systems.

Automation enables flexibility


The focus of our development work is on the automation of processes that have to adapt permanently and with high precision to components with low dimensional accuracy, changing components, changing production sequences or human work components. To this end, the scientists use robotic units mobilized by linear axes or ground vehicles that cooperate not only with each other but also with actively forming and shaping component fixtures.