Digitization and quality assurance

One overarching competence module is quality assurance – in the manufacture, assembly and repair of components and structures. Continuous monitoring of the condition of component surfaces by means of tailored inspection processes is, for example, a key objective here for optimizing application-specific manufacturing processes. This is supported by a comprehensive, cross-industry and cross-product training program that also certifies personnel. Within the framework of further training, a technology transfer takes place in which scientific findings and methods find their way into industrial application.

Quality assurance in adhesive bonding and surface technology in the digital era


The experts for quality assurance are bringing new, state-of-the-art solutions for customized in-process quality assurance to application maturity. The focus here is on the evaluation of customer-specific component surfaces prior to bonding or coating as well as on the non-destructive testing of materials and composites, e. g. by means of ultrasonic testing. Current standards such as DIN 2304 are also taken into account in the development of overall concepts for technical quality assurance.

In the course of the digital transformation, the storage and use of data as well as their targeted evaluation are becoming increasingly important for the alignment and efficiency of new and existing processes. Taking into account topics such as data acquisition, evaluation and visualization, as well as autonomous and self-learning systems, human-technology interaction and digital business models, innovative and future-oriented solutions are developed together with the customer.


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