• AI-CONTROLLED PROCESS MONITORING IN SURFACE PRETREATMENT WITH PLASMA AND LASER TECHNOLOGY | Pretreatment with plasma technology and decoating with laser techniques are precision processes for preparing component surfaces for further processing in the process chain, e.g. for bonding or painting. The slightest fluctuations in process parameters or starting materials can have serious consequences, even leading to component failure. Surface pretreatment processes must therefore be extremely controlled. To counteract process fluctuations, IFAM is researching into making these processes self-adjusting using optical and acoustic monitoring methods in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) and thus making them safer.

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  • THE USE OF LASER AND PLASMA TECHNOLOGY FOR BIOTRANSFORMED SURFACES | Laser and plasma techniques are well researched processes that find wide application in industrial surface treatment in order to clean surfaces or to selectively provide them with properties and functions. These techniques can also be used to engage a biological transformation of production processes and manufacturing methods. In concrete terms, this means that living systems are integrated into technical systems in order to optimize them, equip them with new functions, and make them more stable in the long term. At Fraunhofer IFAM, research is currently being carried out in various areas into how laser and plasma technologies enable and promote the integration of organisms on surfaces.

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  • COUNTERING DIFFUSION AND EMBRITTLEMENT IN THE STORAGE AND TRANSPORT OF HYDROGEN | Green hydrogen will play a decisive role in a successful energy transition. The development of new hydrogen technologies requires techniques and processes that enable the safe production, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen. Central material science challenges are the diffusion of hydrogen and the associated embrittlement of used material. The "Plasma Technology and Surfaces" department at Fraunhofer IFAM is researching how surfaces can be protected against this diffusion and embrittlement by treatment with plasmas or lasers. The focus is on internal coatings for tanks and pipes, but possible applications for electrolysers, bipolar plates, and fuel cells are also being investigated.

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  • Asynchronous motor
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    Asynchronous motor

    DEVELOPMENT OF ROTORS FOR EFFICIENT INDUCTION MACHINES (IM) | Fraunhofer IFAM is developing solutions for more economical and efficient Induction machine (IM). IMs are still widely used in electrical drive applications, particularly in the field of industrial drives. They are robust and cost-effective and can start up directly from the line without a frequency converter if required. Even in vehicle technology, IMs are certainly far from being replaced . New manufacturing approaches continue to offer potential for increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving production quality.

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    Locked drone loading zone on Helgoland.

    HOW CAN DRONES AND OTHER MOBILE ROBOTICS BE USED FOR INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS? | Whether it's inspecting the facade of a 20-story (high-rise) building/skyscraper or repairing a wind turbine blade –humans simply aren't made for some quality assurance tasks. In some cases, drones can take over this dangerous job from humans. In the future, they will be used more and more as tools and have the potential to perform their tasks completely autonomously. Fraunhofer IFAM is investigating different possible uses/use cases? of unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles in quality assurance – whether in inspection, maintenance, or repair.

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    The new FOREST project of Fraunhofer IFAM and partners will contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport sector by developing and implementing innovative biobased polymers, additives, and recycled carbonfibers. The goal will be achieved by combining three key-drivers: reduce, recovery, reshape.

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    INCREASED USE OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES THROUGH DISTRICT HEATING | District heating plays a major role in the energy transition. Compared to decentralized heating systems, centralized heat generation in conjunction with a heat network enables the integration of renewable heat sources and is a cost-effective alternative, especially in densely populated urban areas. Planning and expanding of the piped heat supply is therefore essential for the energy transition.

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  • Projekt DIOL - Develop Innovative Offshore Logistic
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    Projekt DIOL - Develop Innovative Offshore Logistic

    EXPANSION OF OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY IN EUROPE | The federal government has set itself ambitious goals for the expansion of renewable energies. The expansion of offshore wind energy in Europe also plays a major role. Here, the output in the North Sea is to be increased to 65 GW by 2030 and 150 GW by 2050. However, it is almost impossible to achieve these goals with the port capacities currently available. An expansion of capacities and greater cooperation between European offshore port locations is necessary. This is where the Interreg North Sea project DIOL (Develop Innovative Offshore Logistic) comes into play.

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  • ENERGY-ECONOMIC FRAMEWORK CONDITIONS: THE RIGHT INCENTIVES TO ACHIEVE CLIMATE NEUTRALITY | Germany has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2045 at the latest. In order to achieve this, massive joint efforts are required across all economic sectors and social strata. Implementing what is technically feasible in an economically efficient manner is of central importance for the success of the energy transition. Inefficiently high costs and distribution effects jeopardise the acceptance of the energy transition among the general public. The regulatory framework has an important steering function and must set the right rules in order to create planning security and avoid bad investments and delays in the implementation of the energy transition.

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