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Advanced training in additive manufacturing and functional printing

In addition to intensive research and development, new technologies also require well-founded training and continuing education for specialists and managers. Fraunhofer IFAM offers training courses in various areas. Participants with different levels of qualification are provided with the latest research results and up-to-date knowledge from practice. In addition, our experts provide insights into their research work. The central goal of all continuing education formats is the applicability of the learning content beyond theoretical knowledge. Here you will find a selection of our continuing education courses in the field of metallurgical manufacturing processes.

Advanced training "Additive Manufacturing"


By using generative processes, components can be created from powders in almost any and very complex shape from 3D CAD data. The finished components are given their final properties directly in the process. All commercially available process variants have one thing in common: the principle of tool-free, layer-by-layer construction of the component on the basis of the three-dimensional CAD model.

At Fraunhofer IFAM, specialists and managers will find different formats to learn about the trends and technologies in the field of "Additive Manufacturing" or to deepen their existing knowledge. For example, the three-stage "Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series" focuses on the exchange between our researchers and the participants. They receive hands-on qualification in our laboratories using practical demonstrations that convey the possibilities of the technologies and vividly illustrate the topic area of "3D printing". Individually designed seminars for companies are also available on request.

In addition, the free webinar series "AM@IFAM" offers insights into current issues of sinter-based AM processes at regular intervals. With the 1-hour online seminars, you can learn more about individual technologies and stay up to date.

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Advanced training "Functional Printing"


Functionally integrated components are finding their way into more and more industries. Additive manufacturing processes or functional printing not only enable high functional density, but also customer-specific product individualization. In addition to intensive research and development, new technologies also require well-founded training and further education of specialists.

Fraunhofer IFAM offers different formats for this, tailored to different target groups and their contents: Our face-to-face seminars offer practical training and insights into our research laboratories in Bremen. In the webinar series "Functional Printing" we provide insights into current issues of functional integration using various printing technologies. The annual network meeting "Workshop Functional Printing" presents current results from research and the user perspective. If required, we are also happy to design individual seminars.

To the advanced training "Functional Printing"