Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM

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Fraunhofer IFAM is one of the most important independent research institutes in Europe in the fields of "Adhesive Bonding Technology and Surfaces" and "Shaping and Functional Materials".

The focus is on research and development work at all seven institute locations  

with the aim of providing our customers with reliable and application-oriented solutions.

Fraunhofer IFAM



Robots - the processing machines of the future

The machining of large components by huge machining centers is often a bottleneck in production. In this case, process control is spatially limited to the size of the plant and restricted in flexibility by the design principle. This is avoided by using mobile industrial robots (IR). Moreover, when using CNC-controlled robots, existing programs can continue to be used.


The use of laser and plasma technology for biotransformed surfaces

Laser and plasma techniques are well researched processes that find wide application in industrial surface treatment in order to clean surfaces or to selectively provide them with functions. These techniques can also be used to engage a biological transformation of production processes and manufacturing methods.


Sustainable and safer joints through methodical adhesive selection and qualification

The selection of the appropriate adhesive is a fundamental building block of any manufacturing process, e.g. to prevent corrosion or reduced bond strength.


Smart high-voltage DC power outlets

Today, direct current networks offer immense advantages. Modern semiconductor technologies enable safe utilization, which goes hand in hand with the advantages of increased efficiency at lower costs. Fraunhofer IFAM has developed a concept for a very compact plug-in system that can transmit high DC power and ensure the required safety by using electronics and software.

Press Releases


More sustainability in electromobility and Co: With new measurement methods for a longer service life of battery cells

The aging of battery cells cannot be easily determined under real conditions. However, an accurate statement about the aging state of the cells in operation forms the basis for a better understanding of the aging mechanisms of a battery and for extending its lifetime. In order to be able to determine the condition of the battery cells more precisely and without laboratory effort, the determination of the AC resistance within the battery using dynamic impedance spectroscopy has been further developed at Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen. This allows measurements to be made during operation, enabling statements to be made about performance in real time.
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Economical and resource-saving green hydrogen

Large quantities of hydrogen will be needed to ensure a successful energy transition. As part of the HighHy project, an international team of researchers from Germany and New Zealand is working on improving the efficiency of the emerging AEM electrolysis technology to produce green hydrogen. To make this possible, scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Dresden have turned to the readily available and resource-saving metals manganese and nickel in a bid to introduce this promising electrolysis process to large-scale industry. The new tech-nology offers a number of other advantages in addition to reduced costs when compared to the existing processes.
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Fruit-growing digitization project SAMSON: Federal Minister Cem Özdemir hands over funding notification at the International Green Week

As part of the awarding of the "Digital Future Farms and Future Regions for Sustainable Agriculture" funding notification at the International Green Week (IGW) in Berlin, Germany, the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir handed over the grant approval for the farm of the future "SAMSON" to the project partners Fraunhofer IFAM, HAW Hamburg, hochschule 21, and TU Hamburg on January 24, 2023.
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Prof. Thomas Weißgärber receives EPMA fellowship award 2022

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JEC World 2023

At JEC WORLD 2023 in Paris from April 25 to 27, the experts for Automation and Production Technology at Fraunhofer IFAM in Stade will present their latest R&D results in the fields of Assembly Technologies, Joining Technologies, and Integrated Production Systems at the joint booth of Composites United e.V.
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Coiltech 2023

At Coiltech, Fraunhofer IFAM will present its portfolio on the development, manufacture, and testing of electric drives.
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European Coatings Show 2023

Fraunhofer IFAM will be presenting its portfolio on the topics of paint and lacquer technology as well as adhesives and polymer chemistry at the trade fair.
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