Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM

At six locations for industry and society

Fraunhofer IFAM is one of the most important independent research institutes in Europe in the fields of "Adhesive Bonding Technology and Surfaces" and "Shaping and Functional Materials".

The focus is on research and development work at all six institute locations  

with the aim of providing our customers with reliable and application-oriented solutions.

Fraunhofer IFAM



Mobile robotics in quality assurance

How can drones and other mobile robotics be used for inspection, maintenance and repairs? Whether it's inspecting the facade of a 20-story (high-rise) building/skyscraper or repairing a wind turbine blade –humans simply aren't made for some quality assurance tasks. In some cases, drones can take over this dangerous job from humans.


New biobased and biodegradable materials

It is impossible to imagine our world without plastics. Nevertheless, products made from plastics must be designed sustainably. One way of achieving more environmentally compatible products is the use of new biobased or biodegradable materials. Fraunhofer IFAM researches the potential of new materials for plastics manufacturing and processing companies.


Solid-state batteries for electric mobility

Solid-state batteries are an important building block for the electrification of mobility: They are safer and enable higher range and shorter charging times than conventional Li-Ion batteries. New cell concepts allow even higher energy densities. Fraunhofer IFAM is developing polymer and sulfide-based solid-state batteries for various electric mobility application areas. 


How to avoid galvanic corrosion?

Galvanic corrosion, also called bimetallic corrosion or dissimilar metal corrosion is not a new phenomenon: Even in ancient times, it was found that copper nails used to fasten lead sheets to ship hulls corroded more quickly. Although this phenomenon has been known for centuries, this form of corrosion continues to cause damage and accidents. The experts at Fraunhofer IFAM can support in risk assessment and the selection of protection methods.

Press Releases


ILA 2022 – Sustainable and efficient aircraft construction through automation and robotics from Fraunhofer IFAM in Stade

ILA 2022 l Hall 4 l Booth 350 - The Automation and Production Technology experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Stade will be presenting automation solutions for sustainable aircraft construction at the Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE booth at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin from June 22 to 26, 2022.
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Fully automated: New Center for Digitally Networked Surface and Coating Technology opened at Fraunhofer IFAM

With the newly opened »Center for Networked Surface and Coating Technology«, Fraunhofer IFAM is researching the digital future of surface treatment using machine learning. On more than 750 square meters of technical center space with state-of-the-art equipment, the institute combines its expertise in the fields of cleaning, pretreatment, coating, and quality assurance for the automated processing of small and large structures. The central development goals here are fully automated process chains for robotguided mobile and inline applications for series use.
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On behalf of research: Unmanned aerial vehicle records meteorological measurement data for offshore wind energy

One pillar for the energy transition is offshore wind energy. When wind farms are erected, they influence the wind currents over the sea. For this purpose, meteorological measurement data were collected to investigate changes as well as effects of further wind farm expansion. An application example where the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle provides valuable insights. What sounds simple involves a great deal of expertise, as each flight requires extensive approval procedures to ensure a high level of safety. With the Test Center for Maritime Technologies on Heligoland and vast flight experience, Fraunhofer IFAM closes this service gap for research and industry.
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Prof. Thomas Weißgärber appointed as institute direc-tor of Fraunhofer IFAM

Effective April 1, 2022, Prof. Thomas Weißgärber has been appointed as new director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Ad-vanced Materials IFAM, including the Dresden site. Since April 1, he also holds the professorship of Powder Metallurgy at the Institute of Materials Science of the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the Technische Universität Dresden.
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Workshop Electrolysis 2022

The 5th industry workshop “Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis” will offer you up-to-date presentations on advanced catalysts and materials, manufacturing of parts and components, electrolyzer euqipment as well as operation modes and discuss present and future markets.
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decarbXpo 2022

decarbXpo is the trade fair for climate protection, energy transition and decarbonisation in companies. The focus topics are decarbonisation, energy storage and hydrogen.
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Workshop Sinter-Based Additive Manufacturing 2022

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ILA 2022

Das Fraunhofer IFAM präsentiert Innovationen für die Luft- und Raumfahrt an den Ständen von Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE auf der Internationalen Luftfahrtausstellung ILA 2022.
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