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Metallic Materials

Core Competence Metallic Materials includes powder metallurgy, casting technology and additional technologies, e.g. computer simulation and analytics.

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Polymeric Materials

Our expertise in the area of polymeric materials includes the development of polymers, the processing of reactive systems, analytical methods, the development of polymers based on sustainable raw materials, and material characterization.

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Surface Technology

Our expertise covers the whole process chain of surface technology from materials‘ development to the characterization and evaluation of surfaces, their functionalization and modification, and on to various application methods.

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Adhesive Bonding

This core competence involves the development and characterization of adhesives, the design and simulation of bonded and hybrid joints, as well as the characterization, testing, and qualification of such joints.

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Shaping and Functionalization

Core Competence Shaping and Functionalization focuses on individual manufacturing steps and integration of additional functions in the end product.

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Core Competence Electromobility includes the research areas of batteries, drive technology, coatings, conduction and insulation, casting and energy systems.

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Automation and Digitalization

Core Competence Automation l Digitalization includes solutions for joining, sealing, coating, printing, metal casting, machining & related quality assurance

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Reachability in times of Corona

The current situation presents us all with major challenges. At Fraunhofer IFAM, all measures are currently being implemented to maintain the best possible operation while minimizing the risk of infection. We kindly ask for your understanding, as restrictions are to be expected. Consequently, our employees mainly operate from home.

Please contact your known representatives using the available contact details, preferably by e-mail. Stay healthy!


About Fraunhofer IFAM

The Fraunhofer IFAM is one of the most important research institutions in Europe for adhesive bonding technology, surfaces, shaping and functional materials. At our institute’s five locations – Bremen, Dresden, Stade, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig as well as at the Test Center for Maritime Technologies on Helgoland – we put our central principles into practice: scientific excellence, a focus on the application of technology, measurable utility for customers and ensuring the highest quality.

Our round about 700 employees, working in 20 departments and numerous working groups combine their broad technological and scientific knowledge and expertise into core competencies: Metallic Materials; Polymeric Materials; Surface Technology; Adhesive Bonding Technology; Shaping and Functionalization; Electromobility; and Automatization and Digitalization. These core competencies - both individually and in combination with each other – are not only the basis of our strong position in the research market but also of future-forward developments that will be useful for society.

Most of the products, processes, and technologies we develop are for sectors where sustainability is particularly important, namely for the aviation industry, automotive sector, energy technologies, medical technology and life sciences, maritime technologies. The solutions developed at Fraunhofer IFAM are, however, also used in various other branches of industry including machinery and plant construction, electronics and electrical engineering, shipbuilding, rail vehicle manufacture, the packaging industry, and the construction sector.



New impetus for electromobility: Development of more efficient lithium-ion batteries

With the new project "RoSiLIB", Fraunhofer IFAM in Dresden is making a decisive contribution towards a CO2-neutral energy supply in mobility. 


Development of novel protective coatings to ensure the reliability of electronic components

In the ECSEL JU project "Intelligent Reliability 4.0" (iRel40), 75 partners from 13 countries are working on a holistic approach to ensure the reliability of electronic components and systems (ECS) under the leadership of Infineon Technologies AG.



Brand-new MoldJet® printing system installed

Fraunhofer IFAM in Dresden is expanding its expertise in the field of sinter-based additive manufacturing with the new, innovative MoldJet® process. As the first European user of this system, invented by the Israeli company Tritone Technologies Ltd. in 2019, the institute is giving a new edge to additive manufacturing.


Process-safe additive manufacturing of titanium components in the aerospace industry

With the project "EasyTitan", Fraunhofer IFAM in Dresden has launched a project for the rapid and process-reliable manufacturing of light-metal components in aerospace.


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