Quality Assurance and Continuing Training

Quality assurance plays a central role in surface technology. Therefore, production-integrated quality assurance concepts and test methods are being developed at Fraunhofer IFAM which allow stable process control. The new requirements for quality assurance resulting from the trend towards digitalization in manufacturing are also taken into account. In addition, the institute has accredited testing facilities that are also used for failure analysis. Topic-specific training courses and regular technology transfer to industrial practice complete the core competence of surface technology.

Quality assurance and the digital transformation


Fraunhofer IFAM develops solutions for quality assurance in adhesive bonding and surface technology and links existing expertise with current issues of digital transformation. The focus here is on the evaluation of customer-specific component surfaces before bonding or coating, e. g. using process-integrated measurement methods.

In the course of the digital transformation, the storage and use of data and their targeted evaluation are becoming increasingly important for the alignment and efficiency of new and existing processes. Taking into account topics such as data acquisition, evaluation and visualization, as well as autonomous and self-learning systems, human-technology interaction and digital business models, innovative and future-oriented solutions are developed together with the customer.

Quality assurance and failure analysis


The properties of composite materials depend to a large extent on the chemical properties and on the structure of their interfaces. Accordingly, damage to such materials is often due to defects in the area of interfaces and surfaces. Fraunhofer IFAM offers services in the field of damage analysis, corrosion protection, and surface pretreatment of metals, fiber-reinforced composites, and polymers in order to investigate the cause of damage and to develop remedial measures to prevent further damage.

The range of investigation techniques includes surface analytical, electron microscopic, electrochemical analytical methods as well as other meaningful characterization and testing methods.

Due to the comprehensive equipment and the many years of experience of the Fraunhofer IFAM experts, it is therefore possible to react flexibly and at short notice to a wide range of requests for quality assurance and damage analysis.