Quality assurance and further training in adhesive bonding technology

Certification according to DIN 2304, DIN 6701 and further training to become an adhesive bonding practitioner (EAB), adhesive bonding specialist (EAS) and adhesive bonding engineer (EAE)

According to DIN EN ISO 9001, bonding is a "special process", i. e. a process whose results cannot be fully tested in a non-destructive manner. Therefore, according to this standard, a technology-specific supplement for bonding processes must be introduced in addition to the general quality management system. Fraunhofer IFAM is the only institute in the world which can support bonding processes in every phase – from planning to introduction and implementation. Our services range from the standard-compliant inspection of industrial adhesive bonding processes to support in the implementation of the DIN 2304 and DIN 6701 standards and from certifying adhesive bonding personnel qualifications to support through R&D activities. Thanks to our many years of experience and know-how in various areas of expertise in adhesive bonding technology, we deliver quality assurance services that are individually tailored to your needs.

Quality assurance in adhesive bonding processes


For a high-quality bonded joint, all the necessary process steps must be carried out, adequately monitored and documented. The process begins with the development of an adhesive bond and leads to the finished product. Particularly in the manufacturing phase, adhesive bonding processes differ greatly. Manual production of large components in small batches is subject to different boundary conditions than robot-guided production with a high degree of automation.

DIN 2304 for general industry and DIN 6701 for rail vehicle construction are used to introduce a technology-oriented quality assurance concept for bonding processes.

Fraunhofer IFAM advises and supports the customer in the development and introduction of specific quality assurance measures for the individual process steps – individually tailored to the specific quality requirements. For comprehensive adhesive bonding technology support, the institute's specialists are available to carry out on-site process analyses in production.

Certifications for all aspects of bonding


Documented evidence in the form of globally recognized certificates proves that processes in the user company conform to DIN 2304 and DIN 6701. With the help of these certifications, it is thus possible to confirm to customers that the bonding process in the company meets all quality requirements. Company certifications in accordance with the above standards in adhesive bonding technology mean, as it were, an examination of the content of the process steps and their documentation. Our cooperation partner TBBcert can provide you with further information on the implementation of company certifications.

Continuing Education Center Adhesive Bonding Technology for "Continuing Education in Adhesive Bonding Technology”


The Adhesive Bonding Technology Training Center is an integral part of Fraunhofer IFAM. This direct link between R&D and further training makes it possible to quickly transfer current knowledge from science and technology, which may or must be published, into further training in adhesive bonding technology and thus make it available to users in a timely manner. The personal-certifying, cross-hierarchical and cross-industry adhesive bonding technology DVS®/EWF courses – in attendance as well as online courses – are recognized worldwide as proof of competence according to DIN 2304, DIN 6701 and TL-A 0023. The Adhesive Bonding Technology Training Center has many national and international cooperation partners who offer the adhesive bonding courses locally in the respective national language according to the technical and didactic-methodical specifications of Fraunhofer IFAM. To the Adhesive Bonding Technology Training Center


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