Project ALM2Air

Demonstrator built with SEBM made of IN718
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Demonstrator built with SEBM made of IN718


Transfer of the powder bed method to industrial application

Work Packages Fraunhofer IFAM

SEBM process development of Inconel 718

Powder analyses, determination of mechanical parameters

Heat treatment optimization

Project Partners

Airbus, Liebherr, TLS


A. Kirchner, B. Klöden, T. Weißgärber, B. Kieback: Selective electron beam melting of Inconel 718, Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference DDMC 2018, Conference Proceedings, Hrsg.: Bernhard Müller, 2018, ISBN 978-3-8396-1320-7

Duration, Funding Reference Number

01/16 - 03/19, 20W1501F (BMWi)