Fraunhofer IFAM has built competences in the field of electromobility that are being demanded by all branches of the mobility industry. Its focus is on electric drives, energy storage, and energy systems analysis.

Electrical Energy Storage

The safe storage of electrical energy with a high energy density and power is a constant challenge. Aspects of materials and process technology are at the forefront of the efforts by Fraunhofer IFAM to develop solutions for future electrical, electrochemical, and thermal energy storage systems. The focus is increasingly moving onto lithium-ion, solid-state, and metal-air batteries. Hydrogen and fuel cell technology as well as the efficient and highly dynamic storage of thermal energy represent further research areas.

Electric Drives

In the field of electrical drives the focus is on the conception, development, prototype construction, and testing of highly efficient electric machines and their components. In addition, new approaches to their manufacturing technology as well as monitoring and control are being developed. At the forefront lies an increase in power and torque density and efficiency as well as a further development of established and novel manufacturing technologies for electric drives.

Energy System Analysis

An important building block in this concept is the analysis and evaluation of energy supply systems. Decarbonization and the increasing linkage of the electricity, heat, and transport sectors are demanding new, flexible strategies, such as a needs-based design of the charging infrastructure for electromobility in residential areas.


Research Aims in the Field of Electromobility


Electrical drives

  • Development, design, and simulation of electrical drives
  • Manufacturing technology for electrical drives
  • Design and manufacture of cast coils
  • Development of insulating coatings and casting compounds for electrical machines
  • Control and steering units and software development
  • Prototype manufacture for electric drives
  • Test field for electric drives (up to 120 kW)

Electrical, chemical and thermal energy storage

Analyses, feasibility studies, and consultation on:

  • Energy supply and climate protection
  • Energy-efficient buildings and districts
  • Power-heat coupling
  • Grid-bound heat supply
  • Digital heat demand maps
  • Sector coupling
  • Framework conditions for efficient energy use
  • Housing industry and electromobility/charging infrastructure
  • System integration of stationary/mobile storage

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Electromobility focusses on the development of electrical energy storage, electric drives as well as on the research of renewable resources.


Energy and Thermal Management

Energy and Thermal Management deals with the storage and transfer of thermal energy as well as thermal management.


Hydrogen Technology

Development of materials and processes to manufacture new materials and technologies in the areas of electrolysis, solid-state storage and hydrolysis.