Energy Technologies

The Energy Technologies business segment focuses on companies involved in energy generation and storage. This includes energy suppliers and manufacturers of environmental technologies (for example solar energy systems and wind turbines) and their components.

The generation of energy in the future, and its storage and transport, are major challenges for companies in this business segment. Increasing urbanization raises the matter of centralized versus decentralized energy provision.

Improving the efficiency or effectiveness to offset increasing energy costs goes hand in hand with the need to reduce emissions, in particular via increased usage of renewable energy sources.

A further key aspect for companies in the energy technologies sector concerns energy provision for mobility and electromobility.

The in-depth know-how of Fraunhofer IFAM in material science and technology can support industry here in the following key areas:

  • Recyclable materials and associated production technologies
  • Integration of sensors into assembles and components (environmental sensor technology)
  • Integration of mobility/electromobility and decentralized electricity provision
  • Materials for H2 generation/storage and for heat storage
  • Electrical energy storage systems (batteries, capacitors)
  • Functionalization of surfaces (paint/lacquer technology, plasma treatment, printing technology)

Examples of Application


Energy supply: sustainable, affordable, secure

Research on sustainable energy applications and concepts for energy supply and climate protection are main topics of our department Energy Systems Analysis.


Low-drag Layers

A riblet coating system developed at Fraunhofer IFAM – allow a significant reduction of the drag of surfaces.


Corrosion Protection

The increasing use of fiber reinforced composites for lightweight construction makes it imperative to provide effective protection concepts which inhibit contact corrosion between FRP composites and metallic materials.