Medical Technology and Life Sciences

The medical technology area targets manufacturers of implants, instruments, medical adhesives, and wound dressings as well as coating companies. The focus in the life sciences area is on biological surface functionalization and biosensors.

Depending on the specific application, materials must meet a large number of requirements for use in medical technology. The cleaning properties, durability, and mechanical properties must in many cases meet strict requirements.

Other factors are the high demands on the long-term stability and reliability of products, ever increasing standardization, approval restrictions, and cost pressure from health care providers.

Optimum biocompatibility and biointegration are becoming ever more important for medical products. The many years of experience of Fraunhofer IFAM developing materials for medical technology applications means that the institute has built up a wealth of know-how in the following areas:

Examples of Application


Additive Manufacturing

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) process enables components to be made from powders in almost any desired shape, including very complex shapes, from 3D-data.


Adhesive bonding in optics

The assembly of the endoscope involved the use of highly transparent adhesives.

The adhesively bonded endoscope objective is able to withstand the temperature variations of the sterilization process.


Functional coatings

Antimicrobial coating created with plasma technique, seen here in a catheter.