Paint/Lacquer Application and Coating Technology

Lackapplikation und Beschichtungstechnik
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The automatic painting machine and climate-controlled booth guarantee reproducible coating quality

The laboratory and pilot plant facilities at Fraunhofer IFAM are used to develop customized processes and equipment for the resource-efficient and economical processing of liquid coatings, UV cured coatings, and powder coatings.

Fraunhofer IFAM possesses production-scale equipment for surface pre-treatment (plastics, fiber reinforced plastics, metals, etc.), material feed and application, drying and curing including cold drying, IR emitters, and UV emitters, and a loop system.

Correct selection of processes and equipment is vital for the long-term economic viability of coating operations and to this end we offer customers a comprehensive range of services:


  • Systematic testing of the effect of environmental parameters/conditions, application conditions, and substrate and coating materials on the coating quality
  • Comparison of processes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of solutions for time-saving and energy-saving drying and curing of coatings, for example IR curing and UV curing
  • Computer simulation to optimize
  • the distribution of the coating on different substrate surfaces
  • the curing using IR and UV emitters
  • dosing equipment and pumps
  • the shear behavior of coating systems
  • the coating processes
  • Weak point analysis
  • Evaluation of technologies
  • Testing and comparison of coatings and coating equipment
  • Work method optimization and workplace design
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Training courses Consultancy

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