Raw Materials and Coating Formulation

Ansatz eines Modell-Lacksystems
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Mixing a model coating

Paints, lacquers, and coatings are versatile materials that have to be customized for specific applications. For each application area and function, different raw materials are used. The selection of raw materials and other components determines the application properties of the coating.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for coatings with new properties and functions for new applications. The bans and stricter regulations on substances that can be used in coatings, for toxicological or environmental reasons, are also placing new technical requirements on coatings. The challenge faced by coating manufacturers is to develop new coating formulations, some of which differ considerably from those used hitherto, for specific application areas. There is also a need to formulate coatings for completely new applications for which coatings have not previously been used. This opens up opportunities for using new raw materials that have not yet been used by the paint/coating industry.


The Paint/Lacquer Technology experts at Fraunhofer IFAM develop and tests new coatings for the full spectrum of applications. This work is undertaken in collaboration with industrial partners. In order to realize customer-specific products, a wide range of different coatings such as liquid coatings,powder coatings or sol-gel systems are considered. We also develop new raw materials and draw up new guide formulations.