Low Pressure Plasma Technology

Industrial Surface Technology for Series Production

Niederdruck-Plasmaanlage mit Schüttguttrommel
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Low pressure plasma plant with bulk goods drum

Low Pressure (LP) Plasma Technology

  • can be used for the activation, fine-cleaning, and coating of surfaces
  • is suitable for batch materials, bulk products, and web materials
  • can be used on virtually all substrate materials and on substrates with complex geometry
  • can be readily integrated into existing production processes
  • can be adapted to changing requirements
  • is environmentally friendly and reliable

Fraunhofer IFAM has a number of LP plasma plants of different size – laboratory scale to production scale – with differing electrode arrangements, and suitable for different applications. Flexible substrate feed systems allow customization to the relevant product with regard to size, geometry, and area to be coated.

Various surface analysis methods – e g. hardness, layer thickness, composition measurement via XPS, surface energy – can be used to accurately characterize the functional layers and pave the way for reliable scale-up.

In addition, web materials of width up to 2 m can be processed, if desired in combination with sputter processes.



Process Development


Pilot Plant Construction

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