Protection of Electronic Components Against Aging

Protection of Electronic Components Against Aging by Using AP Plasma Layers

AD-Plasmadüse zur lokalen Beschichtung von elektrischen Baugruppen
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AD plasma coating for localized, customized aging protection for electronic components, leading to enhanced reliability and improved heat dissipation

Plasma polymer coatings for protection against aging

Electronic components have to be protected against corrosion by applying coatings. Conventional sealants and protective paints have shortcomings regarding heat dissipation due to their high layer thickness. Plasma-polymer protective coatings developed by Fraunhofer IFAM are only 100 nm thick and can be applied locally at atmospheric pressure (AP) using automated processes which do not use solvents. The layers allow to improve heat dissipation and higher packing density of electronic components. 


Example applications

  • Coating of sensors
  • Replacement of conventional protective paints for electronic boards
  • Local aging protection for conductive tracks and contacts

The AP plasma coatings for aging protection can replace conventional protective paints and sealants, to omit the use of solvents and drying ovens.


  • Eco-friendly, dry coating process
  • In-line surface cleaning and oxide reduction using reducing AP plasmas 
  • Fast, low-cost process
  • No emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Enhanced use of resources due to local, needs-oriented coating
  • Simplification of the production due to no need for drying processes
  • Easy automation and process monitoring
  • Improved heat dissipation from components due to the thin layers