Advanced Air Mobility Initiative Northwest Germany and the German Bay (AAM-NW) & Drone Control Center Bremen

The challenges and solutions for the use of drones in industrial, university and civil sectors require an orderly and coordinated use of the corresponding airspace.

To make this possible, a real laboratory is planned on the basis of the implementing regulation EU-2021/664: Based on the U-Space concepts, an integrative airspace for manned and unmanned aviation is to be created. With the support of AVIASPACE BREMEN e.V., the goal of safe airspace integration is envisioned by the initial steering committee: b.r.m. IT & Aerospace, Droniq, Fraunhofer IFAM, OptoPrecision, Oldenburg-Hatten airfield.

The goal of the cross-border project "Advanced Air Mobility Initiative Northwest Germany and the German Bay (AAM-NW)" is the successive development of such airspace structures, within which the operation of UAS will experience a considerable simplification and automation of coordination as well as an increase in safety, taking into account all relevant airspace users.

Initial flight routes could connect the first locations: Helgoland Maritime Test Center, Oldenburg-Hatten Airfield (Hatten-UAS), Offshore Drone Campus Cuxhaven (ODCC).

In order to realize this, suitable routes for drone operations require an expansion of corresponding infrastructure and the provision as well as procedural standardization and development of appropriate operational arrangements.

The future project framework foresees a cooperative involvement of all relevant stakeholders. Nearly 200 stakeholders are already involved - expansion welcome.