Adhesive selection and characterization

Analysis of adhesive properties improves the bonding process - and lays the foundations for debonding and recycling

As different as each adhesive manufacturing process is, so are the requirements for the used adhesive or the bond. If you are looking for a suitable adhesive for your manufacturing process or are already working with a specific adhesive and would like to test its specific properties, you will find the right partner in Fraunhofer IFAM. The experts at Fraunhofer IFAM have specialized in being able to analyze and determine the processing and final properties of a wide variety of adhesives.


Holistic view of the adhesive bonding process

We have extensive characterization methods at our disposal to compare adhesives with each other and to be able to check their suitability for a process - even and especially if your process is still in development. For example, the flow behavior of the adhesives can be determined by rheological characterization, but it is also essential to determine the mechanical properties of the adhesives in order to determine the final properties. These characteristic values can be used to favor adhesive systems at an early stage, without the need for real components to be available. Fraunhofer IFAM provides support in the selection of adhesives for each individual adhesive application or manufacturing process.

But even if a specific adhesive is already in use, the analysis of one or more parameters of the adhesive can be essential - for example, if the bonded joint is to be subjected to a higher load or a different operating temperature in the future. To check whether the bond will withstand changed conditions, the exact processing and final properties of the adhesive must be determined.


In the case of damage, the adhesive and the adhesive bonding process must be analyzed

If damage has occurred, our employees can find out how the damage was caused and which property may make the adhesive unsuitable for the manufacturing process or application. To this end, we offer an inspection of the production facility and a complete analysis of the adhesive bonding process or damaged component. If necessary, it may be advisable to change to a different adhesive - here, too, Fraunhofer IFAM provides support. If required, we can also provide expert reports and statements that can be legally verified.

The parameters that can be considered very closely in our company are various. These include:

  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Glass transition temperature
  • E-modulus
  • Storage modulus
  • Loss modulus
  • Curing kinetics
  • Pot life
  • Viscosity
  • Shore hardness
  • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • Tensile shear strength
  • Roller peel strength
  • Filler content
  • Curing shrinkage

These parameters can be checked with a special selection of procedures that we can perform:

  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
  • Dielectric analysis (DEA)
  • Thermal analysis and rheology for characterization (analysis and qualification)
  • Testing of mechanical properties adapted to customer specific component
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
  • Rheometer (capillary, extensional, rotational)
  • Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)
  • Surface analysis (XPS, TOF-SIM, REM, EDX etc.)


Debonding can be ensured by knowing the adhesive properties

The experts at Fraunhofer IFAM use their many years of experience in the field of adhesive selection, characterization, and qualification to ensure that it is possible to remove an adhesive bond and subsequently recycle the materials used. Our knowledge in the field of determining the processing and final properties of an adhesive is also essential for this.