Adhesive application

With the right nozzle to the ideal adhesive application for adhesive bonding production

The application of adhesives requires a wide variety of technologies and procedures, depending on the task in hand. In addition to the appropriate dispensing system, this also includes the nozzles used to apply the adhesive bead, as well as flow simulations for the respective nozzle shape. In the Application Technology Center at Fraunhofer IFAM, we find out how your adhesive manufacturing process works best - from the selection of mixers and the dispensing system to the right nozzle and application form.


Development of individual nozzles - precisely adapted to the adhesive bonding process

The experts in adhesive bonding technology at Fraunhofer IFAM have a wide range of options for adhesive application. These include manual, semi-automated, or fully automated adhesive application using modern equipment, but also the possibility of manufacturing nozzles individually to meet customer requirements.

A suitable nozzle must be available so that the adhesive can be applied to a component in a process-safe manner. Since the standard products available on the market often only allow a conditionally satisfactory application pattern here, we offer the development and qualification of individual application nozzles that are tailored to the respective adhesive system and the required adhesive bead shape. This allows (sample) components and specimens to be manufactured according to your requirements so that the adhesive application is ideally matched to the planned production process.


Structures of components bring difficulties with adhesive bonding

The development of application nozzles also includes, for example, flow simulation for the respective nozzle shape, but also special challenges, such as those posed by the geometry of the components. For example, the bonding of large components or three-dimensionally curved structures is a special difficulty for which adapted nozzles are required. Fraunhofer IFAM has already patented several nozzle concepts (e.g. elongate nozzle DE102008026147A1).

Our employees also provide support in the selection of mixers and dispensing equipment and, if required, oversee the complete adhesive bonding process, starting with the design according to the customer's exact requirements. Among other things, they also have expertise in the field of micro-manufacturing bonding.


In the Adhesive Bonding Technology department at Fraunhofer IFAM, our experts from various fields (e.g. natural sciences, mechanical engineering, construction, mechatronics) have specialized in a number of key areas. These include dispensing and mixing technology as well as application technology, since the appropriate and professional application of adhesives is one of the basic building blocks of a successful adhesive bonding manufacturing process.

In the Adhesive Bonding Processes working group, we design the right adhesive bonding process for you. In addition to the fixtures and the appropriate dispensing technology, we evaluate the manufacturing process in its entirety and produce sample components on which the quality criteria can be tested. The advantage for the customer is that he does not have to deal with the equipment until the process has been proven to work.