Publications 2012

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Proceedings CELLMAT 2012, Dresden, 07.-09.11.2012

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Protective Anti-Oxidation Coatings for Hot Gas Piping Systems and Their Characterization by Means of a High-Speed Furnace
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Proceedings CELLMAT 2012, Dresden, 07.-09.11.2012

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Solubility of Carbon in Nanocrystalline α-Iron
Journal of Nanomaterials, Vol. 2012, Article-ID 953828

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Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings (2012) imrc11-1371-s1-p131

B. Klöden, H.-D. Böhm, V. Schlegel, U. Jehring
Wachstumskern Thale PM - Verbundprojekt 3: Neue MIM-Werkstoffe. Teilprojekt 4: Entwicklung neuer über das MIM-Verfahren verarbeitbarer heißgaskorrosionsbeständiger Werkstoffe Dresden
Abschlussbericht, 2012

E.D. Koultoukis, S.S. Makridis, L. Röntzsch, E. Pavlidou, A. Ioannidou, E.S. Kikkinides, A.K. Stubos
Structural, microchemistry, and hydrogenation properties of TiMn0.4Fe0.2V0.4, TiMn0.1Fe0.2V0.7 and Ti0.4Zr0.6Mn0.4Fe0.2V0.4 metal hydrides
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 12, 2012, No. 6, 4688-4696

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Proceedings CELLMAT 2012, Dresden, 07.-09.11.2012

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Journal of Power Sources, 205, 2012, 173-179

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Microscopy Research and Technique 75, 2012, 711-719

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International Journal of Materials Research, 103, 2012, 1155-1158

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Proceedings CELLMAT 2012, Dresden, 07.-09.11.2012

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On the thermal conductivity of sintered metallic fibre structures
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Optimierte Metallschäume für elektrische Leistungs- und Energiespeicher
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Metall-Carbon-Verbunde für funktionale Anwendungen
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International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 2012

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Materials Letters 86, 2012, 84–87