Dosing Technology and Mixing Technology

Automated Adhesive Processing

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Dosing system for booster adhesive.

Dosing systems and mixers are necessary in order to process and apply adhesives – and the choice depends on whether a one-component (1-C) or two-component (2-C) adhesive is being used.

Selecting a dosing system for a process is a complex procedure. Important factors to be considered here include material-dependent influences, e. g. adhesive viscosity and process-dependent influences e. g. applied quantity in the desired cycle time.




The scientists in Adhesive Bonding Technology at Fraunhofer IFAM provide customers not only with advice but also individual assistance with selecting dosing systems and suitable mixing systems: The small pilot plant at Fraunhofer IFAM has a large number of plants for different adhesive container types – from small cartridges (10 ml) to large drums (200 l). For specific testing, plants can also be borrowed from manufacturers and used in Bremen to test the suitability of the adhesive for the relevant production process.