Adhesive Application in Micro-Production

Universelle Mikroproduktionsanlage: Quellteller mit Mikroteilen, Greifer und Dispenser
© Fraunhofer IFAM
Universal micro-production facility: source disk with micro parts, pincer, and dispenser.

In the areas of microsystem technology, precision engineering, medical technology, microelectronics, optics, and optoelectronics, the use of adhesives is opening new opportunities for companies to produce very small components that perform diverse functions in a small space. Micro-bonding also allows complex structures to be assembled having customized configurations.





Adhesive bonding on a micro-scale goes along with a host of new challenges, because there are subtle differences in the properties of polymers on the macro-scale and micro-scale which cannot easily adopted. Fraunhofer IFAM specialists in Adhesive Bonding Technology offer their know-how and experience to develop customized solutions for bonding on the micro-scale.

Success requires the perfect adaptation of all processing steps in the area of few micrometers. Micro-production involves the reproducible application of very small adhesive volumes or very thin adhesive films, the positioning and adjustment of very small substrates, force or travel controlled joining, and low-stress curing with short cycle times.

Fraunhofer IFAM possesses a variety of application options for micro-production. Where necessary, special systems are developed to meet customer requirements, for example:

  • Dispensers
  • Jets
  • Screen printing
  • Stencil printing
  • Stamp printing