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Qualitätssicherung und cyber-physische Systeme

Quality Assurance and Cyber-Physical Systems

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Wetting-test of a scrafed CFRP surface, contaminated with fingerprints
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Expert-on-Demand-System IRIES in action

The Quality Assurance and Cyber-Physical Systems department develops solutions for quality assurance in adhesive bonding and surface technology and utilizes the existing expertise of Fraunhofer IFAM to tackle topical issues related to digital transformation.

Our quality assurance experts develop highly advanced solutions for customized process-related quality assurance right through to industrial implementation. The focus here is on evaluating customer-specific component surfaces prior to bonding or coating as well as the non-destructive testing of materials and bonded joints using ultrasound. Overarching standards such as DIN 2304 are taken into account for the development of overall concepts for technical quality assurance.

Within the context of digital transformation, the storage and usage of data and its selective evaluation is becoming ever more important for the design and efficiency of new and existing processes. Innovative and future-oriented solutions are being developed in collaboration with customers taking into account aspects such as data acquisition, evaluation, and visualization as well as autonomous and self-learning systems, human-technology interaction, and digital business models.

»ComBoNDT« - Quality assurance concepts for adhesive bonding

ComBoNDT: Quality assurance concepts for adhesive bonding of aircraft composite structures by advanced NDT.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636494.

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Nanoscale sensor technology: film-based wire grid polariser

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Fraunhofer IFAM offers customers various testing methods in the field of surface and material testing. The department Quality Assurance and Cyber-Physical Systems is constantly developing new measurement methods adapted to specific problems. Currently, the institute has tested the performance and applicability of the so-called wire grid polarizer film WGFTM for the Japanese company Asahi Kasei. The innovation is a wire grid polariser based on plastic films, which can be used in particular in the field of sensor technology, metrology and other optical applications. By using nano-sized metal wires, it exhibits high polarisation separation performance in the broad wavelength range, from the visible to the infrared spectral range to the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum. By using lower-cost plastic films as a carrier medium, the WGF can be adapted to almost any surface and shaped accordingly. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance compared to a typical absorption polariser.