Casting of steel melts by sand casting with sand cores
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Casting of steel melts by sand casting with sand cores

Casting Technology - From idea to cast product

Casting technology has a long tradition in many industries and has applications in all areas of life. The department Casting Technology and Lightweight Construction at Fraunhofer IFAM serves as a research partner for industry for application-related R&D projects.

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Casting Technology Building

Using state-of-the-art casting equipment, Fraunhofer IFAM scientists and technologists develop customer-specific solutions. International project teams bring together knowledge and technologies in order to develop innovative products and open up new market segments. New approaches are pursued for providing traditional technologies with new functionalities and advantages. The emphasis in all development work is meeting the requirements of industry and minimization of resource usage.

Innovative approaches are leading to future-oriented technologies that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

One Stop Shop for R&D

Our work covers technical feasibility studies, prototype manufacture, commercial viability considerations, and fault and process analysis. As a research and development partner for applied industrial research, Fraunhofer IFAM supports its customers throughout the whole product development phase.

Multidisciplinary project teams are on-hand to advise customers throughout all development stages, from the concept for a cast product, design simulation, selection of a suitable casting process, process parameters, and finally to the pilot production. Prototypes and functional samples are manufactured in the casting pilot plant at Fraunhofer IFAM and these are characterized and evaluated by x-ray and CT analyses and various metallographic tests.

Fraunhofer IFAM is also often able to assist customers in other related areas. For example, the institute has expertise in powder technology, composites, functional structures, surface technology, adhesive bonding technology, corrosion, surface treatment, and paint/lacquer technology. Discover the range of competencies available at Fraunhofer IFAM for your specific needs.


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