CASTTRONICS® - Digitalization of Castings

Gussteil mit integriertem UHF-RFID-Transponder
© Fraunhofer IFAM
Casting with integrated UHF-RFID transponder for large scanning distances.

The CASTTRONICS® technology enables the embedding of electronic functional components in metal castings, opening the way for castings with a higher functionality than ever before, so-called “smart castings”. These form the basis for the digitalization of the manufacture and use of castings and further offer novel possibilities, for example for the identification and tracking of castings through embedded RFID transponders or for the monitoring of castings through embedded sensors.

At Fraunhofer IFAM, RFID transponders are cast into components, allowing an electronic, radio-based marking and identification of cast products. The RFID transponder can be applied to already existing castings and even directly embedded into the component during the casting process with the patented CASTTRONICS® technology.

Embedded sensors enable the identification, measurement, and assessment of any mechanical loads such as compressive and tensile forces, deformations, and vibrations. Particularly for the autonomous driving this technology offers new ways to detect misuse loads at an early stage and can thus prevent excessive loading that would cause the casting to fail.


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