Complex Castings

A suitable casting process for every component geometry

The area of “Complex Castings“ within the Casting Technology and Lightweight Construction department at Fraunhofer IFAM conducts research and development on innovative and demand-appropriate solutions for casting technology with its highly qualified and experienced experts as well as process and plant engineering facilities for high and low-pressure casting, lost foam casting, investment casting, and sand casting.

A focus lies on issues in the manufacture of castings with a complex geometry which cannot be produced conventionally with casting due to a lack of demoldability, complicated undercuts or integrated hollow spaces. Depending on the process, lost core technologies, the development of specific tool concepts, and the optimization and further development of the casting process itself can also come into play.

A particular strength of the workgroup is the interdepartmental linking of the competencies with the technological and scientific know-how of neighboring fields. This occurs in close cooperation with the experts of the seven core competencies of Fraunhofer IFAM or with external partners from industry and research. Research is conducted, among other things, on non-stick coatings for casting tools, new material concepts for lost cores, and the use of virtual and augmented reality in casting technology.


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