Numerical Simulation – Illustration of Complex Systems and Processes

Mold filling and solidification simulation.
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Mold filling and solidification simulation.

Innovative approaches in casting technology such as compound casting or the manufacture of hybrid structures and materials in one casting process increases the functionality, efficiency, and lightweight construction quality of new products. Right from the start, these potentials require a joint consideration of the aspects of the materials, processes, and properties.

The Casting Technology and Lightweight Construction department offers its customers a wide-ranging support in the component and process simulation and optimization. The variety of available and partially in-house developed tools covers product and process development and supports the analysis of novel materials and structures. Used early on in the product development process, reliable simulations decrease the high costs of experimental investigations. The field of simulation considers this by reaching beyond pure component simulations to link process parameters with component properties, leading to the holistic evaluation of the product.

Our competencies include casting simulation, load-suitable design of multimaterial structures, deriving the influence of defects on component behavior, and recently also stochastic approaches. Of great importance for compound cast and hybrid components is the analysis of internal stress and interface properties. All approaches are increasingly being integrated into Industry 4.0 concepts.