Laser sintered test structures based on repeating hollow sphere geometries
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Laser sintered test structures based on repeating hollow sphere geometries

Powder Technology

From Powder to Component

This core competence covers the processing of powders into components, including aspects such as materials, shaping, tolerances, process safety, and specific component requirements. Fraunhofer IFAM has state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for implementation of these processes on an industrial scale.

Customization of properties, shapes, and functions

Powder technology allows near-net shape manufacture of innovative products for series production. Across the whole process chain this technology offers many opportunities to alter the properties of materials as well as parts’ shapes and functions and thereby influence product quality.

Functional material solutions

Alloys, composite materials, material combinations and structural materials can be produced with very specific properties simply by mixing metal powders. The possible combination of properties in the finished parts can often be directly deduced from and realized by certain powder compositions – however, the thermodynamic constraints have to be taken into account.  Thus, one can adapt part properties like hardness, ductility, Young’s modulus, wear and thermal expansion to the requirements of the final application.

Cohesion via sintering

The sintering process gives the shaped powder component its end properties. That is why Fraunhofer IFAM puts special focus on this process step. Extensive sintering know-how, acquired over many years of processing a wide range of materials, is utilized to solve customer-specific tasks. Furnaces of various size and design are available for sintering all commonly used materials.

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Core Competence Shaping and Functionalization

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