Magnetic Materials

Powder metallurgical technologies as Metal Injection Moulding, Metal Powder Extrusion or Laser Beam Melting have the potential to provide not only near net shape, but also very efficient production of magnetic materials.

Additionally, the mechanical and functional properties of the material can be adjusted by controlled variation of the process parameters.

Based on our vast experience regarding powder metallurgical technologies, at Fraunhofer IFAM we develop and implement processes which are customized to the specific requirements of the material, geometry and application.

For magnetic materials we are working on the following topics:

Soft Magnetic Materials

Hard Magnetic Materials

Magnetocaloric Materials

Additionally to our comprehensive range of Materialography and Analytic services, we use and offer the following measurement techniques for magnetic materials:

  • vibrating sample magnetometer (field up to 2.7 Tesla, temperature range 100- 1000K)
  • Brockhaus Hystograph (heatable pole shoes up to 200 °C)
  • Brockhaus Electrical Steel Tester (Strip measuring sensor, ring sensor, ring core sensor)
  • Magnetizer (3 T, 50 mm diameter)
  • various small instruments