A new star in the aerospace sky: Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE

Fraunhofer IFAM promotes cross-institutional technology transfer

By bundling a broad technology, expertise and infrastructure portfolio in a sector-specific approach Fraunhofer addresses relevant customer needs and supports the transfer of technology to the German and European aerospace industry as a strategic research and development partner.

Jointly tapping synergies for climateneutral aviation and aerospaces

In addition to his function as Institute Director of Fraunhofer IFAM, Prof. Bernd Mayer also heads the business units Aeronautics and Space within Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE together with Prof. Michael Lauster (Institute Director of Fraunhofer INT).

The existing Fraunhofer SPACE Alliance was expanded to include AVIATION at the beginning of 2022. The aim of the alliance of more than 30 Fraunhofer Institutes is to collaborate with industrial and scientific partners from the aerospace industry. To this end, the members pool their technological expertise in order to provide a central point of contact for industry associations such as the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), funding agencies such as the European Space Agency (ESA) or the European Commission. Thanks to the diverse expertise and high innovation potential of the participating institutes, Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE offers its partners a unique portfolio of competencies used to develop various components in superior quality. A core element here is the sustainabilityin the development and in the utilization phase. The Alliance also provides in-depth expertise in various fields of technology, such as optics, sensor technology, communication, automation, digital transformation and AI. Here, Fraunhofer makes important contributions to national and European research funding programs, e.g., LuFo and InnoSpace Masters, Clean Sky 2 and Clean Aviation, ESA space programs and Horizon Europe.

In addition, the “Fraunhofer Innovation Forum AVIATION & SPACE” was opened in December 2022 in Bremen’s ECOMAT research and technology center. In the immediate vicinity of important aerospace companies, the forum facilitates the scientific-technical exchange and the identification of synergies that will play a major role in the future.